It is almost impossible for Shaima and Hossein to live a self determined life, since they don´t have any income. We, the film team, want to help them change his situation and kindly ask for your help.
This is what we want to do with your donations:
Shaima has to learn to read and write and she wants to become a hairdresser.
Afghan weddings are huge events with oftentimes hundreds of guests. The women go to the hairdresser to get their special look and spend a lot of money on it. . Hairdresser is a well accepted profession.
Sabna, Shaima´s daughter has to go to school continously, and therefore needs money for books and the schoolbus.
We want to support Hossein´s training to become a taylor.
In Afghanistan the people still go to the taylor for there everyday clothes.
We also want to help him build an extra room in his mother´s house, so that he can live there together with Shaima after they get married.
Shaima´s father needs a van.
Shaima´s father used to work as a driver, but lost his car and therefore the basis of his income. In order to get money for his family he had to “sell” his daughters. A modest van could help him support his family and save his face and honor. Then he could let go of his daughter Shaima in peace and let her live a self determined life.
Every Cent Counts